Tricia is proud to be a Ramsey Trusted Endorsed Local Provider (ELP) for real estate in Salt Lake City and surrounding communities. Tricia has been working in Real Estate since 1997. She received the prestigious ELP designation in 2019. She is also consistently a Top 500 Realtor and has been inducted into the Realtor Hall of Fame for Utah.

What is Ramsey Trusted?

It’s a designation Dave Ramsey and his team have given to Tricia and the Move Utah Team saying they do whatever it takes to help their clients with their real estate, money and life decisions. The designation comes with the full backing of the Ramsey team and it’s marked by the Ramsey trusted shield. Ramsey is bigger than just Dave. Being Ramsey Trusted means Tricia and the Move Utah team have the endorsement of the whole brand including many famous life coaches and money managers, financial coaches, and others. Ramsey Trusted and Tricia are focused on helping you in all areas of your life.

Being Endorsed by Ramsey Trusted means…

Dave and his team at Ramsey Trusted trust Tricia. You trust Dave Ramsey. Tricia’s goal is to earn your trust too, by working together with you to help meet your real estate needs.

Tricia and the Move Utah Team believe wholeheartedly in the “Heart of a Teacher” and “Heart to Serve” approach when working with buyers and sellers. They understand that real estate is not only the place you call home, build memories and enjoy but can also be a significant part of your wealth building tool kit. Tricia and her team love teaching people about the buying and selling process. Whether you’re buying your first home, investing in rental properties, moving up to your next home, right-sizing, or purchasing a second home, Tricia and the Move Utah team will ensure you understand the entire process.

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